Genius GTC8 Nitro

Genius Racing is entering the 1/8 scale GT car competition market with the GTC8 full conversion kit!

Based on the results obtained from our test team and with the experience derived from international competitions, we are presenting you the Genius GTC8!

The revolutionary all-new GTC8 conversion kit is not just an aesthetic masterpiece, but a completely new concept of a modern 1/8 GT competition car.

Specifically designed by Eng. Andrea Contarini and Genius Racing R&D department, it was possible to produce a pure 1/8 GT car without compromises!

genius gtc8
genius gtc8

Our priority was of course the pure performance, but also the ease of assembly, maintenance and car’s set-up were our main targets.

Beside a fast car we wanted the reliability. That’s why we have chosen the best possible platform for our conversion kit …the XRAY GTX8.

The Genius GTC8 conversion kit can be used with all the platforms of XRAY GTX8 cars, and also with the XRAY XB8 cars by purchasing some additional parts in order to get a complete Genius GTC8 car.

Designed & made in Italy with passion and without compromises!

Genius GTC8 Nitro – Features

  • New 4mm ultra-narrow multi-flex chassis. Made from Swiss Alu 7075 T6
  • Ultra narrow chassis for centering the weights and thus reducing the rolling inertia of the car
  • Predisposed holes for fixing weights (optional) in order to achieve the perfect balance of the car
  • Possibility of two extra graphite reinforcements, front and rear, with the possibility of fixing weights at different heights and positions (optional)
  • New separate front & rear bulkheads with bearing guided anti-roll bars and open diff cases for better cooling and less weight. Made from Swiss Alu 7075 T6
  • Made from 2 pieces with precise centering thanks to centering pins
  • Easy removal of the differential
  • Plastic eccentric bearing bushings with the possibility of having two height positions of the differential
  • New separated right and left arm mount to ensure free flex of the chassis. Made from Swiss Alu 7075 T6
  • Lower and upper front and lower rear arm holders with different geometry position
  • New adjustable chassis reinforcements front & rear with two positions: rigid and flex, in order to be able to vary the torsional stiffness of the car as desired while still retaining the longitudinal stiffness. Made from Swiss Alu 7075 T6
  • New ultra-precise lightweight adjustable steering-blocks (king-pin angle, trailing/leading axle position, roll-center), made from Swiss Alu 7075 T6
  • Predisposition for aerodynamic graphite discs (optional)
  • New ultra-precise lightweight adjustable rear up-rights (wheelbase, roll-center), made from Swiss Alu 7075 T6
  • Predisposition for aerodynamic graphite discs (optional)
  • New 2-piece gearbox mounts. Made from Swiss Alu 7075 T6
  • Single break disc for smooth breaking force
  • Positioning of the brake below the gearbox axis for low center of gravity
  • Brake cam with piston ensures a uniform distribution of the pressure of the brake pads
  • New radio plate made from graphite
  • Lay-down servo position for lower center of gravity
  • Centered weigh positioning for reduced rolling inertia
  • New concept receiver box design for transponder and battery connector fixing
  • New ackermann arms and plate to get a better steering angle. Made from Swiss Alu 7075 T6
  • New graphite front and rear shock towers for a more inclined shock position, resulting in a more progressive spring operation
  • New lower shock extensions, made from Swiss Alu 7075 T6
  • New foam bumper with holes designed for a better dissipation of the energy when crashing with a new upper bumper mount
  • Shock absorber with dual rate spring (which allows you to vary the stiffness as a function of the roll angle) in order to achieve excellent traction and handling in slow corners and at the same time maximum stability in fast corners
  • Rear mobile body support
  • Front dynamic body support
  • Front & rear aerodynamic wheel discs
  • Graphite chassis stiffeners with the possibility of applying balancing weights as well
  • Graphite front bumper reinforcement plate
  • Lightweight full Alu transmission
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Dettagli Tecnici
Codice / Art. GT850000 (NITRO)
Peso / Weight +/- 3300 g
Passo / Wheelbase 320 – 328 mm
Larghezza / Width 293 – 300 mm
Motore / Engine 3,49 CC
Capienza Serbatoio / Tank Capability 150 cc
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